The 2017 conference experience offers attendees several options and three days from which to choose (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday tickets are sold separately, giving you maximum flexibility to choose what works best for you and your schedule).

Leadership Intensives At-A-Glance: Thursday (4/6/17)

Thursday, April 6, 2017 
8:00am-6:00pmRegistration Open
(registration materials for Thursday and Friday will be available for pick up)
9:00am-12:30pmMorning Leadership Intensives

Option A: Building Resilient Organizations through Positive Leadership
Workshop Leaders: Dr. Beth Cabrera and Dr. Steve Gladis

Option B: Leveraging Polarities for Greater Organizational Resilience, Agility, and Performance
Workshop Leader: Barry Johnson, Ph.D.
(lunch on your own - numerous on-site and nearby restaurants from which to choose. Learn more about dining options:
1:30pm-5:00pmAfternoon Leadership Intensives

Option A: Resilient Leaders Build Resilient Organizations
Workshop Leaders: Bridgette Theurer and Dr. Robert Duggan

Option B: The Journey of Conscious Leadership
Workshop Leader: Bob Anderson with The Leadership Circle

Building Resilient Organizations Conference At-A-Glance: Friday (4/7/17)

Friday, April 7, 2017 
7:30am-8:30amYoga with Dr. Sylvia Vitazkova (optional/included in ticket)
7:45am-8:30amMeditation with Dr. Mark Thurston (optional/included in ticket)
8:00am-5:00pmRegistration Open
8:00am-8:50amContinental Breakfast
Opening and Keynote - Dr. David Rock: The Neuroscience of Organizational Resilience
10:45am-12:15pmMorning Workshops - Attendees will have the option to choose from either two 90-minute mini-intensives; four 30-40 minute TedX style sessions focused on best practices; two 45 minute workshops; a special "un-conference" session focused on attendee-driven 'big ideas,' discussion questions, poster sessions, and opportunities for sharing best-practices; and/or free-time to network with other attendees.
90-Minute Intensive
Leadership Mastery: A Street View of Leadership
Presented by Bob Anderson, Director, Chairman & Chief Development Officer, The Leadership Circle
90-Minute Intensive
Learning from Research: How to Create Organizations Able to Survive, Thrive and Find Opportunities Through Crisis and Change
Presented by Erica Seville, Ph.D., Co-Leader of the Resilient Organisations community and Director of ResOrgs Ltd.
45-Minute Workshop
When Happiness Has A Bad Day or Worse: The Well-Being of Well-Being Practitioners
Presented by Louis Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP
45-Minute Workshop
Building Resilient Organizations through Appreciative Inquiry
Presented by Dr. Lindsey Godwin, Director of the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, and Professor of Management, Champlain College
40-Minute Best-Practices/TedX Style Sessions

10:45am-11:25am (1st running of sessions)

11:35am-12:15pm (2nd running of sessions)

NOTE: Each of the four sessions repeats once!
Option A: Opportunities in Worker Well-Being
Presented by Chia-Chia Chang, Partnership and New Opportunity Coordinator, NIOSH Total Worker Health in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Option B: Developing Resiliency – Building a Stage for Collaboration, Creativity, and Growth
Presented by Cathy Salit, CEO, Performance of a Lifetime

Option C: How Resilient Leaders Handle Cultural Collisions
Presented by Kanu Kogod, Ph.D., MCC, President and Founder, Bridges in Organization, Inc. and Sheila Diggs, MSOD, PCC, Bridges Associate

Option D: Social Support’s influence on Team Strength, Team Energy, and Team Creativity via enhancement of Team Members’ Neuroendocrine Biological Systems
Presented by Dr. Nancy Freeborne, GMU Health Administration, Adjunct Faculty
Un-Conference Sessions
Session I: 10:45am-11:25am
Session II: 11:35am-12:15pm
Un-Conference Session: These un-conference sessions are focused on poster session presentations and table topics. Poster sessions are meant to ignite conversation and knowledge-sharing among conference attendees and promote engagement. Poster sessions will be held on the following topics:

Understanding Resilience Within the Framework of Social Identity Theory
Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski

Quantifying and Qualifying Joy: How You Can Measure Your and Your Team's Well-Being Using The Koshas of Well-Being
Dr. Suzie Carmack, Ph.D., MFA, M.Ed., ERYT and Dr. Suzanne Kennedy

The Role of Mindfulness in Creating Space for Innovation and Growth
Svetlana Dimovski, Ph.D.

Fueling Resilience: Organizational Strategies for Building, Sustaining, and Replenishing Human Energy
Dr. Linda Hoopes

Energy is More Important than Intelligence: What's Your FABulator Score? Fuel Your Body, Activate Your brain & Behave Authentically
Joni Peddie

Measuring Your Leadership Resilience
Janis Ward-Catlett

The Effect of Mindfulness Training for Leadership Performance in Chinese-Western Joint Ventures
Jun Ye

Table Topics
Facilitators will be focused on attendee-driven "big ideas," discussion questions, and opportunities for sharing best practices.
1:45pm-3:00pmAfternoon Workshops
Mastering Civility: Creating a Resilient WorkPlace
Presented by Dr. Christine Porath, Associate Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown
Doing Well and Being Well: At the Crossroads of Performance and Resilience
Presented by Dr. Gloria Park, MAPP, Senior Mind Body Scientist, Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
Unconventional Ways to Build Resilient Organizations
Presented by Doug Hensch, MAOM, M.Ed., ACC, President, The DRH Group
Making Resilience Real
Co-Presented by Beth Payne, J.D., M.S., Director, U.S. Department of State’s Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience & Ray Leki, Director of the Transition Center, U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service Institute
Humanizing Business: Changing the Way We Live and Work for the Better
Co-Presented by Mark Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer, Capitalism 2.0 & Lynn Fernandes, CEO and Founder, Human Performance 2.0; Chief Financial Officer, Capitalism 2.0
Afternoon Un-Conference Session: Table-Topics
This special "un-conference" session will focus on attendee-driven 'big ideas,' discussion questions, and opportunities for sharing best-practices around building resilience at the individual, team, and/or organizational level. This less formal table-topics session is meant to ignite conversation and knowledge-sharing among conference attendees and promote engagement.
3:15pm-4:15pmClosing Keynote - Arianna Huffington: Redefining Success: The Third Metric That Can Benefit Your Bottom Line
4:30pm-5:30pmClosing Group Activity with Dr. Michael Nickens (Doc Nix)
5:30pm-7:00pmNetworking Reception (cash bar) Open to Friday AND Saturday attendees.

Contemplative Practices for 21st Century Higher Education At-A-Glance: Saturday (4/8/17)

Saturday, April 8, 2017 
7:30am-8:30amMorning Contemplative Practices
Qigong with Dr. Doug Lindner
Yoga with Dr. Sylvia Vitazkova (bring your own mat)
Meditation with Rick Bowles
8:00am-11:00amRegistration Open
8:00am-8:50amContinental Breakfast
9:00am-10:00amOpening Keynote - Mr. Brandon Busteed, Executive Director, Education and Workforce Development, Gallup: Challenges for Higher Education
Concurrent Sessions
10:20am-11:50amContemplative Pedagogy and Teaching Mindfulness Courses
Prof. Sandra S. Seidel, Assistant Dean, University of Virginia

The Power of Mindfulness: An Analysis of the Effects of Mindful
Communication Training on Graduate Teaching Instructors

Kaila Dawn Todd, Graduate Teaching Instructor/ Assistant Forensics and Debate Coach, University of Central Missouri
Zachary McGee, Graduate Teaching Instructor/ Assistant Forensics and Debate Coach, University of Central Missouri
Kelsie Howard, Graduate Teaching Instructor, University of Central Missouri
Brenton Mitchell, Graduate Teaching Instructor/ Assistant Forensics and Debate Coach, University of Central Missouri
10:20am-11:50amSustain the Sustainer: A resilience retreat for those involved in sustainability and conservation
Dr. Sylvia K. Vitazkova, Co-Owner and Co-Director, InBodied Living LLC
Giulia Manno, Coordinator Recycling Programs, Keep America Beautiful, George Mason University alumna and former staff member, Retreat co-organizer
Margaret Lo, University Sustainability Director, Retreat co-sponsor, George Mason University

The Role of Mindfulness in First-Year Writing
Prof. Ilknur Eginli, Miami University of Ohio
10:20am-11:50amBuilding Resilience Among Faculty and Students: The University of Virginia School of Nursing Compassionate Care Initiative
Tim Cunningham, RN, D.PH, Assistant Director of the Compassionate Care Initiative, University of Virginia School of Nursing
Dr. Regina DeGennaro, DNP, CNS, RN, AOCN, CNL, University of Virginia School of Nursing
Dr. Dorrie Fontaine, RN, PhD, FAAN, Dean, University of Virginia School of Nursing

What Is Healing Presence and How Can It Be Taught?
Robert Gordon, MSOD, MA, MS, LGPC, Adjunct Faculty, Maryland University of Integrative Health
Heidi Most, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. AC. (NCCAOM), Doctor of Acupuncture candidate, Maryland University of Integrative Health
10:20am-11:50amThriving Together: Making Well-Being An Institutional Priority
Prof. Nance Lucas, Executive Director, Center For The Advancement Of Well-Being, George Mason University
Lewis Forrest, George Mason University
Shernita Parker, George Mason University

Campus Perspectives of Mindfulness and Well-being
Ashley Whimpey, Research and Academic Assistant, Center for The Advancement of Well-being, George Mason University
Jen West, George Mason University
Ryan Selove; George Mason University
1:00pm-1:40pmPoster Sessions
Understanding the Moderating Role Connectedness Has on the Relationship Between Wellbeing and Civic Engagement
Nour Elshabassi, Research Assistant, George Mason University
Rachel Shor, Doctoral Student in the Clinical Psychology, George Mason University
Prof. Lauren Cattaneo, George Mason University
The Mindful Campus: Organizational Structure and Culture
Linda Coutant, Ed.D. candidate, Appalachian State University
Acceptance: Mindfulness and Meaning Making Practices
Sean Douglas, Master Resilience Trainer
Western Science and Eastern Practices - Connecting With Breathe
Ann Hague, RN, BC-VA, CRN, Atlantic University
1:00pm-1:40pmPractice Sessions
Contemplative Practice: Reflective Writing
Prof. John Alexander, Associate Director of Sciences, Humanities and Arts Network of Technological Initiatives (SHANTI), University of Virginia
Seeing with the Possiblity of Being Changed: Drawing as Meditation
Bradford Grant, Professor of Architecture, College of Engineering and Architecture, Howard University
Mindfulness Practice
Prof. Oliver Hill, Department of Psychology, Virginia State University
1:40pm-2:40pmAfternoon Keynote - Holly Rogers, M.D., Counseling & Psychological Services, Duke University: Making Mindfulness Part of the Higher Education Mission
Concurrent Sessions
3:00pm-4:30pmTeaching Undergraduate Students Mindfulness Approaches to Conflict Transformation
Mary Elizabeth Lynch, J.D., Senior Fellow, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University
Chelsie Kuhn, Well-Being Programs and Special Events Coordinator, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University

Mindfulness and Compassion Inside and Outside the College Classroom: Pedagogy & Practice
Prof. Dorothe Bach, Associate Director, University of Virginia Center for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Juliet Trail, Managing Director, University of Virginia Contemplative Sciences Center
3:00pm-4:30pmAppalachian State University's Still Point faculty/staff organization: Who we are and what we do?
Linda Coutant, President, Still Point faculty/staff contemplative organization, Appalachian State University
Dr. Elaine Gray, Still Point Vice President, E-portfolio Director, Appalachian State University
Dr. LaShanda Sell, Still Point member, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Appalachian State University

Mindfully Plural: Cultivating Spiritual Wellness and Compassion Across Traditions
Joel Harter, Associate Chaplain for Protestant Life, Elon University
3:00pm-4:30pmEthical Diversity and the Contemplative Process in STEM
Richard S. Bowles III, Ph.D., Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for Merck & Co., Inc.(retired), Consultant
Prof. Agnes Curry, Philosophy, University of St. Joseph
Prof. Douglas K. Lindner (Retired), Virginia Tech

Implementing A Coaching Culture In Higher Education Institutions
Dr. Marcal Graham, Associate Director, University of Maryland Educational Opportunity Center
Dr. Grace Klinefelter, Dean, School of Business, Virginia International University
3:00pm-4:30pmMindfulness Pedagogy in Undergraduate Education
Prof. Alan Forrest, Department of Counselor Education, Radford University
Prof. Patricia Shoemaker, School of Teacher Education and Leadership, College of Education and Human Development, Radford University
Angela Cardenas, M.S., Instructor, Department of Counselor Education, Radford University

Paths to Stillness: The Contemplative Journey of Students of Color
Prof. Stephanie R. Briggs, English, Community College of Baltimore County
Prof. Renee A. Hill, Philosophy, Coordinator of the Oasis, VSU's Mindfulness/Meditation Center, Virginia State University
Prof. Michelle Chatman, Crime, Justice, and Security Studies program, University of the District of Columbia
Prof. Cheryl Talley, Psychology, Director, Virginia State University Center for Excellence in STEM Education, Virginia State University
Prof. Zewelanji Serpell, Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
4:30pm-5:30pmOpen Discussion including the C-HEARTS proposal
5:30pm-7:30pmNetworking Session (cash bar)