Lynn Fernandes

Chief Financial Officer, Capitalism 2.0

CEO and Founder, Human Performance 2.0

Lynn Fernandes

For the last 30 years, Lynn has been pursuing health and well-being for herself, as well as inspiring others to take an active role in being the best version of themselves. As a Human Performance Specialist, Lynn is fiercely committed to the wellness of both mind and body, and shares her knowledge and expertise through speaking, coaching, teaching and mentoring. She has dedicated herself to extensive training, most recently becoming one of less than 100 certified BULLETPROOF coaches globally.

Lynn’s passion is to help others obtain optimal performance with specific attention to nutritional needs and eating habits, physical training, and mindfulness. Each of these disciplines plays a key role in one’s physical condition, cognitive performance, memory function, stress management and quality of life.

Lynn has worked with a wide range of clientele from elementary aged children, to Fortune 500 CEO’s, professional athletes and military special operations officers. Her hope is to continue to expand her reach and share her deepest held belief that health is the greatest wealth.