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Building Resilient Organizations

This year's Leading to Well-Being: Building Resilient Organizations Conference will include a limited number of presentation opportunities offered on Friday, April 7, 2017, which will be chosen through an open call for proposals process.

Submit a Proposal - Thank you to all who have submitted a proposal. The submission deadline has now passed.

About the Conference

Featuring keynote speakers Arianna Huffington and Dr. David Rock, this year’s conference will focus on exploring and sharing what it takes to build resilient teams, leaders, and organizations and investigate how to prosper during times of great challenge, change, and uncertainty.

Building resilient organizations starts with the individual and then engages others in the exploration of meaning, purpose, positive relationships, strengths-building practices, and increasing the capacity to thrive during challenging times.

To that end, the Conference Planning Team invites executives, managers, leaders, coaches, researchers, human resource professionals, and practitioners to share their strengths, tips, tools, and expertise regarding building and cultivating resilience at the individual, team, and/or organizational level.

The conference is seeking a limited number of 30 to 45-minute TedX style oral presentations, best-practices sessions, round-table discussions, and/or interactive sessions that ignite conversation and knowledge-sharing around leadership and resilience. The Leading to Well-Being conference is a unique professional development opportunity that brings together over 500 individuals from all levels of leadership to explore the intersections of leadership and well-being.

2016 Attendee Profile:

General Public (executive coaches, business/industry, local and federal government) 56%
Higher Education Professionals, including George Mason University Faculty & Staff 30%
Graduate and Undergraduate Students 14%

Our conference attendees seek to develop new knowledge, skills, and expertise that will help them problem-solve and build more effective teams, programs, and organizations. Session proposals should illustrate, demonstrate or provide hands-on learning opportunities with skills or models that can be replicated by individuals and/or organizations. What worked? What didn’t work? What contributed to the success or problems with what was tried? What specific tools or methods can participants experience during a session and take home?

Presentation Options:

Best Practices Sessions, TedX Style Talks, or Round-Table Discussions – This year’s conference theme is Building Resilient Organizations. Proposals are welcome related to this theme or any of the topics listed below. Presentations must be evidence-based and provide attendees with highly-practical tips, tools, or resources that they can immediately put to use in the workplace.

NOTE: These sessions should include experiential learning opportunities and content should be focused on the application of major concepts.

Our attendees are looking for ideas and inspiration. This is an opportunity for you to share your most innovative ideas for building individual, team, and/or organizational resilience.

o Theme: Cultivating Resilience: Leadership Essentials – Adversity can strengthen our resilience on individual and organizational levels. Navigating through complex challenges, chaos, and set-backs. Leaders and organizational members need tools and strategies to prepare for and respond to sudden disruptions in ways that result in long-term growth, innovation, and prosperity. Dynamic leadership and organizational processes are hallmarks of resilient organizations – those that can navigate through change while staying focused and responsive. What are lessons learned, tools, approaches, and/or strategies that leaders, teams, and organizations can use in responding to adversity and a rapidly changing world? Potential topics for sessions could include (but are not limited to):

*  Change management  *  Leading by example  *  Innovation and creativity  * Purpose-driven approaches  * Organizational thriving  *  Engagement

o Theme: Building Resilient Teams – What specific tools, resources, programming, and/or strategies do you utilize to build teams that are flexible and adaptable in times of challenge and adversity? Potential topics for sessions could include (but are not limited to):

* Connecting to meaning and purpose * Team or leadership development programs 
* Online skill or strengths assessment tools (e.g., Gallup StrengthsFinder) 
*  Training tools or web-based resources * Experiential methods & practices * Engagement approaches * Evaluation tools/methods to measure impact of programs

o Theme: Pivotal Role of Human Resources/Talent Management in Developing a Resilient Workforce – Human Resources professionals are uniquely-positioned to support and develop resilience at work. What successful strategies and programming are you utilizing in your organization to promote higher levels of employee engagement and develop resilience in the midst of increasing demands?

Poster Sessions – This year we are offering a special poster session as part of the Building Resilient Organizations Conference on Friday, April 7, 2017. The focus of these Posters are in-line with those articulated in section I. You can apply for the Poster Session alone, or you can apply for a presentation session, noting that if you’re not chosen, you would be interested in doing a Poster Session on your topic.

Poster session presenters must be available during the 45-minute period on Friday when posters will be featured. Exact time of session still to be determined.

Submission Criteria, Process & Review

Proposals will be evaluated upon the following weighted criteria:

o Addresses the conference theme “Building Resilient Organizations” -- 40%;

o Evidence-based -- 15%;

o Includes practical tips, tools and resources for attendees -- 15%.

o Shows evidence of engaging delivery method with at least one form of participant involvement -- 15%;

o Demonstrates innovation, uniqueness, and creativity -- 15%.

We ask that presenters be willing and able to run their session twice – back-to-back (a short break will be provided between sessions).

Review Process:

  1. Submissions will be reviewed and scored by a committee using the weighted criteria outlined above.
  2. Chosen submissions (not including the poster sessions) will receive a discounted Friday Conference registration fee of $125 (for up to two presenters).
  3. All proposals must be received electronically via the online process by 5:00 p.m. ET, Friday, February 3, 2017. The link is available at the Leading to Well-Being website at: under “Proposal Submissions.”
  4. An individual can submit as many RFPs as they wish, but only one per professional will be selected for presentation.
  5. Applicants will be informed of selection by Friday, February 24, 2017.
  6. All selected presenters must register for the Friday conference. (If selected for a presentation, you will be given a special discount code to receive the reduced Friday Conference rate of $125.)
  7. All presenters are responsible for providing any paper copies of handouts or other materials for session attendees.
  8. All presenters are responsible for bringing their presentation on a flash drive (laptops will be provided).
  9. Presenters will be responsible for registration, housing and travel expenses. For conference details, visit

Submit Your Proposal - Thank you to all who submitted a proposal. The submission deadline has now passed.


Key Dates

Submission Deadline: 5:00 pm ET Friday, February 3, 2017

Notification of Acceptance: Friday, February 24, 2017