Saturday: Contemplative Practices for 21st Century Higher Education

Brandon Busteed's Keynote Presentation

Co-convened by nine major mid-Atlantic institutions of higher education, Saturday conference attendees can choose from sixteen concurrent presentations and join keynote speakers Brandon Busteed with the Gallup Organization and Dr. Holly Rogers with Duke University, as we engage with one another and explore how mindfulness and reflective practices enhance well-being, resiliency, and self-awareness in the university community.

The future of higher education lies in the development of the whole person including the cultivation of well-being, resiliency, and self awareness so that they can meet the for formidable social, cultural, economic, and ethical challenges of the 21st century. This training must move beyond the old model of simply creating and transmitting knowledge. Individuals in the future must be prepared to answer questions like these:

• How can we cultivate self awareness?
• How do we want to live in relationship to each other?
• How can we build a just, wise, and compassionate society?
• How can we use our knowledge and expertise to build a more equitable world that responds more fully to our deepest human needs?

Responding to these questions will require the ability to bring courage, awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy as well as technical expertise to the challenges to the future. Contemplative practices could provide a way in which higher education can help students face the challenges before them with compassionate intelligence and positively impact the world.

The conference will provide opportunities for those working in all areas of higher education - academic, student services, health and wellness, administration - to engage with one another and explore the promise for contemplative practices for 21st century higher education. It will provide a space for discussing contemplative practices as a way of educating the whole person to benefit both the individual and society. Participants will be encouraged to see with fresh eyes and skillfully engage each other to allow the emergence of a future with all its powerful possibilities.

Call for Papers

We invite contributions on contemplative practices within a university setting in the following areas (but not limited to):
• Educational pedagogy in higher education
• Research in science, technology, arts and humanities
• Leadership and business, particularly within university administrations
• Health and wellness
• The environment and sustainability
• Student residential communities
• Student life
(Please see the Submissions tab for more details.)

Papers and presentations at the 2016 Conference

Contemplative Practices for the 21st Century University 

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