About Leading to Well-Being: Building Resilient Organizations

Now in its eighth year, George Mason University’s Leading to Well-Being Conference gathers the nation’s top experts in organizational leadership for deep and substantial learning.

This year's program offers more choices and flexibility than ever before, including our first request for proposals, and a special "un-conference" session focused on attendee-driven 'big ideas,' discussion questions, and opportunities for sharing best-practices.

Join keynote speakers Arianna Huffington and Dr. David Rock as we investigate how to prosper during times of great challenge, change, and uncertainty.

Join more than 500 leaders and individuals as we dive into this year’s theme, Building Resilient Organizations, and explore what it takes to build resilient teams, leaders, and organizations.

This year’s conference will address key questions such as:

  • What does it take to develop resilience at the individual, team, and organizational level?
  • How do we develop leaders with the resilience, skills, and commitment to tackle the challenges of today -- and tomorrow?
  • What role does resilience have in human flourishing, leadership, and organizational prosperity?
  • What skills and tools do we need to flourish in today's increasingly complex world?
  • What are others doing to build resilient teams and organizations?
  • As we strive to achieve greater levels of well-being in constantly shifting sands, how can we develop resilience in ways that allow us to embrace all that makes life worth living while meeting goals and the bottom line?
  • How can organizations recover from setbacks in ways that propel them forward and strengthen them?

"Daniel Pink presents the morning keynote presentation at the 2015 Leading to Well-Being Conference. Photo by Evan Cantwell/George Mason University"

Co-sponsored by the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being and MasonLeads at George Mason University, the Leading to Well-Being Conference is dedicated to digging deep on both the research and practice on the intersection of leadership and well-being.

Building resilient organizations starts with the individual and then engages others in the exploration of meaning, purpose, positive relationships, strengths-building practices, and increasing the capacity to thrive during challenging times.


Keynote Speakers

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington


Dr. David Rock

Dr. David Rock